Isharsar Sahib

The place is situated when one goes via Raikot road towards Barnala and has to take the route from village Cheema towards village Kuthala and then village Panjgaraian. The place is exactly located somewhere in midst between the village Kuthala and the village Panjgaraian.

This place is built by His Holiness Sant Ranjit Singh Virakt Ji when he came here and started the teachings of sikhism.The place initially started with only two rooms one for installing Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the other for His holiness Sant Ranjit Singh Ji Virakt and Baba Narain Singh Ji. A large Varandah for langar was also built.

Now this place has a huge elegant Gurudwara Sahib and a community kitchen hall has been constructed at this place and different accomodations have been built for visitors to reside here and for the folks staying permanently.

The practice of code of socio-religious conduct is strictly followed here.

The Sant samagam happens here every twice a year on 28th August and 7th December.

The 28th August is for the rememberence of Great His Holiness Sant Isher Singh Ji Maharaj (Rara Sahib) when he left to the heavenly abode and 7 December is for the rememberence of His Holiness Sant Ranjit Singh Ji Virakt.